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Geometric Sculptures :
An exploration of building blocks construction techniques

This book is about the construction of geometric sculptures using mainly LEGO® Technic parts. Most of these geometric sculptures are already well known and have been mainly constructed in wood, metal or plastic. They are also popular as origami models. Only a few of these are my own discoveries.

I have chosen this as a media because it is easy to assemble without the preparation of materials as compared to using wood. Building blocks is excellent for prototyping for these projects. Your ideas can be realized with minimum effort and easy to make changes and trying out other designs.

I hope you will have as much fun as I did in creating the sculptures and to solve problems during the assembly. At times it is similar to solving a puzzle and it needs patience.

Explore and have fun!

This book features over 100 models of geometric sculptures constructed using mainly LEGO® Technic parts.

It is available on Amazon, Bookdepository, Barnsandnoble, Abebooks, Alibris, Target, and more.

PDF eBook available at https://gum.co/Enadd